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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post

Not when you're making changes to the map based on the info that dyno is feeding you. You want one that you've worked with before.
Not debating the need for the tuner to make adjustments at a shop/dyno of their choice, but I do not consider the results of the dyno beneficial in any shape or form (that's the whole point I am trying to make).

Point being after all of the changes/adjustment were made, a follow-up dyno on the same independent mustang dyno is in order, because without a 3rd follow-up independent dyno there is NOTHING to substantiate the claims that Evolve was able to squeeze out anymore hp/trq then was recorded on the 2nd follow-up dyno, unless of course you give the tuner's shop's dyno results any credit.

I do not doubt there were gains as a result of the Evolve tune, I am all for more tuning options for our 335d's, heck I have been preechiing it since I bought my car, and Evolve has an excellent repuation in Europe, but let's be real about this. Frankly I am surprised not more people are asking the same question.