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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Nobody is hating, but that was catchy (HATER AID). Despite the fact that you did not adhere to the plan you announced during the on-set, but rather you now have come up with reasons why the first shop and dyno are no good, which it appears you were aware of before going to the shop, I guess that is neither hear nor there. I guess it's just to bad the original dyno baseline and follow-up were not done on a dyno-jet at a different shop.

I do apprecaite you going through the trouble of posting all of this information and it is informative to a certain extent. I am simply a consumer that is looking for unbiased data. And speaking of unbiased data, one may argue that because you received a discount on the tune it may otherwise precluded your review and thus your motivations from that of being unbiased.

Well I guess it's a matter of opinion, but I certainly will not base my decision to purchase this or any other tune for that matter on dyno results comparing two different cars same machine or not, esp on a dyno at a shop whereby the tuner has a business relationship, or at least until it can be supported on another dyno-jet at a shop that has no relationship with the tuner.

Don't kid yourself or anyone else for that matter, of course there is a conflict, it is a shop they have a business relationship with i.e. one that I am assuming they use with some regularity. This is not to suggest there is manipulation going on, but rather in an effort to remove any and all doubt it is best to conduct a dyno at a shop where there is NO business relationship between the tuner selling a product and the shop they hire to run the dyno.

Not sure I follow.... "compare the gains off the mustang than off of my 2nd dyno... " What 2nd dyno are you referring to? The 2nd mustang dyno yielded a 40hp/71 trq gain, no?

And what data are you comparing against a JBD exactly? Are you referring to a dyno graph from a machine that not only does not have a baseline for your car, but it also does not have a JBD baseline to compare against?

It isn't exactly fair to compare two dyno graphs from two different machines/shops. Let's not forget, different dynos, different operators, weather conditions, cars etc, yield different results...

Actually no, the most ideal thing would be to have an owner that does not have a vested interest that may otherwise feel an obligation to the tuner/shop to get a baseline dyno at an indy shop of their choice then do a follow up dyno after, like you were suppose to do.

That's all, I've said my peace. Drive safe, enjoy your tune I am sure it transformed your car. Hopefully we will start seeing more independent data on the Evolve tune from other consumers.
I'm sorry, did you miss my dyno graphs? I have before and after on a independent mustang where the car gained 40whp and 70wtq, then a retune for a bit more power and to smooth off the drop off in power up top, where the car gained an additional 20whp and 30wtq on a before and after dyno?

Please tell me how much lets say 10 different stock 335d's are going to vary in power on the same dyno, please, enlighten me! I'd REALLY LOVE to hear that one! LOL

Oh also, how is VS recommending cars to this shop going to affect the dyno #'s? Is the magic VS dyno fairy going to come around and tell the car to make more power? I have the raw data files from all the runs, and they are posted with the same correction factors. I'll map all 10 runs together when I get home.

If you don't see the difference in the graphs from a JBD tuned car and this, you shouldn't even be shedding any input in this thread!

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