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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
Oh come on man, you think you constantly repeating the same thing over and over isn't going to grate on someone's nerves? If you need this mustang dyno so bad why don't you offer to pay for it? We get it you don't trust this info drop it.

Again, we have a baseline, we have a dyno of the first map on that same dyno, we also have a dyno of that first map on a dynojet, you have a dyno of the revised map on that same dynojet. Provided the Op can verify the correction factor was the same for both on runs on the respective dyno you can figure out everything you need to know from this info. It's not rocket science. Quit acting like there is some conspiracy.
I really don't care if asking questions or pointing out facts that may or may not have an impact on the results grates on someone's nerves. This is not a sponsor paid advertisment, although it does come across a little a like one.

The data provided is fine for what it is but don't act like the information is anything other than a bunch of dyno graphs performed on different machines, by different operators etc, not mentioning they were performed by the tuner's preferred shop. If you believe applying the correction factor somehow provides you with the data you need to make an informed opinion on the matter, fine. And you're right, dynos are not rocket science, it is more of a voodoo science which is all the more reason why to stick with the same machine, operator and preferrably a shop that has no vested interest.

As for the mustang dyno I am not paying for anything, it's not my tune. I also didn't promise everyone that I was to get before an after dynos by an indy shop that has no affliation with VS. But all that doesn't matter to you and that's fine too, have at it.

In the interim I will wait for others to take the plunge and hopefully they can/will provide more data on the subject. I hope the Evolve tune does achieve the claimed gains, that would be great, I might buy it too, but waiting on more data.

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