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Originally Posted by Alan_S View Post
Great news Snoozee, you would assume that this would be straight forward but I think the electronics in these cars can be somewhat un predictable in how they all communicate together. I think its the same at the dealer, both times my car has had a software update they never want to commit to how long it might take. It seems the take away from this is if it doesn't work first time it is possible that you did everything right but the car just didnt respond how it should. This explains why my car worked first time and yours didnt despite being the same model year.
Alan, yes it's just weird how the car behaves. From the trace file you sent me, it seems that my coding was done properly since there's not much difference in the settings for phone, bluetooth and phone. But somehow the MULF2 just didn't respond properly with the expertmode coding.

I had almost given up and had already contacted a workshop to try to schedule an appointment for coding but after talking to the workshop owner over the phone, he has no idea on the strange problem I had and wanted to check with UK side on this as they are using AutoLogic for programming.

When I tried the coding again yesterday, the MULF2 behaved strangely as well. The bluetooth ID first remained as "Handsfree" when I did coding. After a few attemps, bluetooth discovery showed a device named "Navigation Portable". I thought my Garmin GPS was on which caused this problem but checked the GPS and it was off and bluetooth had also been disabled. So somehow the MULF2 changed it's bluetooth ID. After a few attempts, I probed around using Tool32 and suddenly saw the bluetooth friendly name setting had changed to the correct format of "BMW XXXXX". I'm not sure what actually updated the MULF2 cos by this time I had tried so many different things.

One thing I did notice was the trc file generated after the last coding was much bigger than the original trc files I had. It might be due to the daten version differences but there were also some settings missing from the new trc file compared to the old ones.

Anyway BT works now and I'm happy with it even though the missed calls, last calls, etc does not sync with my phone. It's not a big problem as long as address book works fine. Time to move on to other retrofit projects. This BT problem had taken up almost 3 weeks of my time!