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For comparison purposes, here are the dyno graphs from my two sessions. The first one couldnt pull an RPM signal, so HP only. The second has HP and TQ. To those that may wonder, the first chart is not of a supercharged M3, the dyno operator forgot to change the run names!

First session max HP was 328.61, no TQ numbers. STD correction.

Second session max HP was 299.59, max TQ was 474.31. STD correction. Changing these results to Smoothing 3 instead of 5 bumps HP and TQ by about 1 each (not much of a difference). I can post that up too if anyone cares, just have to go back into WinPep and print/convert into JPG.

Both sessions were run on Dynojets (although different Dynojets in different shops). Car had JBD set to 100% and an open element intake with heatshield.

I wont get involved in the dyno debate but overall, I'm really impressed with your tune. Great numbers overall and the power/torque curves look awesome. Now someone needs to get on the DPF delete!
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