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DIY - Homelink Mirror Retrofit

I got my homelink mirror from a vendor in eBay (not sure if I can say his name here). Anyway, my car is equipped with autodimming mirror already, so this is a simple plug and play installation.

I originally bought the retrofit kit with compass and homelink, but apparently it *MAY* not work on an MY 07 car. (So if you get that and it won't work, it's at your own risk) This mirror seems like it may have come off other BMWs. If you look at photo 1, the clown nose is a lot bigger than my original mirror. The dimming sensor is also slightly different, though I never really notice whether it works anyway).

(I do not have the part number for this piece. It does not show on the mirror itself nor is there any part number listed in my invoices)

Entire process took me probably 15 minutes to install. I took my time so I won't break anything. No tools required.

Step 1: Remove the mirror cover carefully. I wiggled with my fingers on both pieces and they came apart. You do not need to force it. They should come out very easily.

Step 2: Once you take the cover off, unplug the connector (you might need to get your mirror tilted away to get to it)

Step 3: Once you did that. Twist the entire mirror assemble clockwise about 45 degrees. Do this VERY carefully and slowly. You do not want to damage your windsheild. The whole assemble should come off from the windsheild.

Step 4: Install new mirror by twisting it in counter-clockwise.

Step 5: Plug in the connector to your new mirror

Step 6: Reinstall mirror cover

Step 7: Start your car and press the two outer buttons to clear the memory

Step 8: Program your homelink as per manual


Note: Please be VERY CAREFUL when you take your mirror off, you may break the windsheild - I am not responsible for any damage you may done on your car.

Sorry for the shaky photos. I didn't really have a good hand to take the photos.

Photo 1: Comparison of the new mirror vs the old one.
(The clown nose is a lot bigger than my original one. Mirror itself is the same size)

Photo 2: One side of the mirror cover

Photo 3: Installed

Photo 4: The mirror assembly itself (which is basically the whole mirror including the arm)
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