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edit: confirming that Motastic is fantastic taking care of this

10 car minimum is needed to make this work out for everyone. This will probably span over a 2-3 (maybe 4?) day period. I am going to try and get a few done around Houston to know how long it takes me to do it, that way I can schedule you guys accordingly throughout the day.

Enterprise is right around the corner if you need a rental car for the day. I am going to talk to them and see if i can get a special discount- IF we get confirmed needed rentals. If not, I will need your car for the day to make sure i have enough time for each car....... so plan on dropping off and getting picked up, or dropping off the night before.......

shop location is in Grapevine texas, where i will be performing the work....... and you guys can see a REALLY good shop for your other local needs when i get done

I have known this shop for a LONG time, and they know their stuff

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