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Originally Posted by Javy View Post
This is a tough situation to be in.

My ex-girlfriend had a bestfriend which was hot as hell. She would treat me like shyt and I hated hanging with her. One day I ran into her alone and confronted her. I asked her what the hell is her problem with me. She then confessed and said she had the hots for me. I really wanted to fuck the shit out of her but then I thought, do I really want to waste a two year relationship over one fuck ? How would I feel if she were to fuck my best friend ?

My relationship with her went to shit a couple of months later and we broke up. I ran into her best friend at a club maybe 3 months after the break up, took her home, and we smashed. It was a win for me since I havent seen nor spoken to neither of them for the past two years. I am glad that I was able get it in at the end.

Maybe one day your relationship doesnt work out, and then you have the chance to make a move, but for now, I would say stay faithful to your current girl. You wouldnt want for her to do it to you. Remember karma is a bitch.
Sweet story, and good advice too. You'll always remember the ones you wanted, and eventually got, under the right circumstances.