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Hey Guys,
Sorry for lagging on updates here, I have been away taking care of some things and finishing up the new website (which is a pain at the moment)

I saw a few questions in here, so I will get to those:

#1 - Kit in my car - what you guys see in here is my own car, with the current development of the kit. Previous posts indicated we had a V5 vortech unit, and it was just messy. I didnt like having to tap oil from the car and a V3 is better suited for our application and much easier to install and maintain for the end user. The other car is on hold until the tuning is finished with this new version.

#2 - Injectors - We are adding 2, instead of replacing them all for stage 1. It is easier to do it that way and keep the OEM computer working like it should, and running the other 2 on a seperate piggy back to sync it all together.

If we do a stage 2, depending on fuel needs we may or may not do a full replacement

#3 - Headers are getting ready and emails have already been sent to those who are ordered, and should have pictures of the all the coated colors and everything later today/early tomorrow. Just waiting for them to come in.

#4 sponsor status will be back up tomorrow, as I said I was away so it will be reinstated once the clock rolls over on the forum


Also, When we put up the new site, something happened with my emails and I am working on that also, I can send - but I cant receive emails to my email at the moment, so in the mean time I set up a temporary email at:

again, It is taking some time and I am doing a lot of waiting like the rest of you guys, but Like the Lips we make, it will be clean and fit perfect when its done, and once I have something meaningful to put up ill have it for you guys right away