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Originally Posted by Ron************ View Post
I don’t want to go into it, but you were both unreasonable and unwilling to cooperate.
Yan did you see this. Ron has list you as a unreasonable and unwilling costumer to cooperate. Did you even see that? They have marked you down already.
Originally Posted by cupspeed View Post
You guys need to chill out.

**********s does not manufacture products so it is out of their control of what comes in on time. Usually something like tail lights are available but who knows what happens.

For the KW coilovers, **********s does not make them nor does KW North America, it comes from Germany. They have to figure out when they can provide the product and times it takes longer than expected

Just our 1 order is not going to kill the BMW or KW or anyone else, it is not like they (including **********s) don't want to fulfill the order to make money, provide service and especially not hear you guys bitch over something

What does posting about this solve? Do you not understand they try to do the best that they can?

This aftermarket automotive business is not like buying/selling hanes t-shirts, this is more limited higher end type stuff like AP watches, BBC, Bape, Purple Label
Cupspeed, I do understand as been a third party company, they dont control the prdocuts timing. All I am saying was that, I didnt get treat right been as a costumer. If they can be honestly with me into the 1st place by telling me the truth, then I would be more appreciate and willing to wait. All I did was wait without responds or excause. Even now, they were still trying to argue back on the thread and not taking their mistakes. All I want is a right treament and apology. I had some experiences with DTMRYAN and JleviSW too, but they are willing to take their mistakes and make it up for it. My parts was delating 2 months and 2 weeks from DTM, but I all happy with them and still doing business with them. It is all b/c they tell me the truth and willing to make it up for it. For JleviSW, I have purchased a out size range prodcut from them too. But I am all happy to do business with them again. It is all becasue the treaments and rights I have received from them. Why am I so angry about ModBargins?? As you can see through the thread, we I have still received was more excauses and arguments.

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