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Originally Posted by GesterOz View Post
Thanks for the feedback on the Alpine upgrade! I've contacted some dealers here in Qld to try and do the same thing but the prices I've been quoted range from a crazy $1500 to $1750 or the cheapest at $720 for labour if I provide the kit.

Two of them were adamant I wouldn't need recoding either (I contacted about 5). Now going by your experience I shouldn't let them get away with NOT recoding should I?

Still $1500 is pretty steep for what this is

Also can you post pics of how you "napped" off the Alpine SPS-410 speaker mounting prong for your rear speakers? Also maybe a pic of the finished installation if you have a chance?? Thinking of also doing the same

Thanks in advance!

There was a dealer in Melbourne that was selling them cheap - Sean Ball at BMW Mornington in Vic - about $699??? - you coud haggle now the new 3 is out I guess. The problem is limited supply in Australia. If you contact BMW HQ they will confirm the car DOES need recoding - it will work without it but not as good. The documents quote a maximum of 4 hours install time.

Anyone who buys this kit from Schmiedmann has rocks in their head. There are so many posts about people, including myself, being ripped off by this crowd of cheats as a result of the speakers turning up damaged. You might save some money but you will end up with broken stuff. You have been warned!

I will take some pics of the rear speakers for you on the weekend and post - they are very easy to do.

Hope that helps.