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Originally Posted by yEBMW View Post
Wow that's crazy expensive. But worth it if they were reliable which I don't think they are and if it made good gains.
It sounds like the one being developed by MMW is sounding pretty solid, but there isn't too much info available yet.

Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
What supercharger? Where? The only option out there right now is ARMA and they had a catestrophic failure with one of the board members. I would NEVER consider using their product.

Let me approach VAC again to see what their thoughts are.
Again, with MMW, they've got one in the works, and Gavin from MMW says he won't be creating more/putting them for sale until he's 100% sure they'll be solid and safe (as safe as aftermarket superchargers can be). Everyone is bitching in the thread about more info and release dates and whatnot else, but he just came back that it'll be ready when he feels it's ready. Hopefully (and I believe it's true) he's being straightforward and honest, not just building marketing hype Too bad ARMA had to crap on that one guy, and I'm glad he came here to share his experiences.

For now, N/A is where I'll be (not that I can currently afford to be anywhere else!). Looking forward to seeing gains from headers, tunes, tunes with 3 stage manifold, and other incremental improvements with good return on $ invested (Ha! investment in a car... )
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