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Originally Posted by thread killer View Post
well, since i dont own a N54 engine, just work on them- I'm pretty tuned into what the general population of N54's do.

Nafoo's N54 to ME ran rough at idle. after the intake cleaning, it was a DEAD ROCK SOLID idle. In fact, i noticed the DME going for the first couple minutes of engine operation. I'm sure because adaptations and internal adjustments for smooth running values were all out of whack, now that air was properly being inducted into the combustion chambers.

He said he was going to run some logs tonight and see if it made a difference. I know in my professional opinion, it definitely did!
I ran some logs last night and the car is even smoother. I was experiencing a couple timing drops before at WOT, but nothing major. I sent my logs over to Rob@Cobb for analysis. I'll let you know what he thinks.