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Originally Posted by 604_e90325i View Post
I never deal with MB before, but i keep seeing them bring in new products to help the E90 market. The first time i knew this company is when i still have my E46. and at that time they were actually doing very good on the web site. and now they started their business in the E90 market. I am not saying they have good service or not, since as i said earlier i never deal with them. but i honestly don't know what other members want from them. When there's a negative post towards them, if they didn't reply, you guys don't like it. Then when they came here and try to explain what going on, you guys don't like it. Ok.. even they explain clearly what's going on, and keep saying sorry to that situation, you guys still don't like it... lol.
But the sitution is, they never thought they were wrong. They even point the prbolems were up to me. Any all I did at first was just calling them ask about my concerns and check with my order. When I called them, they told me to call them couple hours after if they didnt call me back. And they never call me or send me the e-mail, then I called back. The answer I got respond was, "Why are you calling us again? We need more time, but the way they communicate with me was unacceptable. They were unpolite and unnicely." They were the one told me to call back, but still gave me the attitutite. They even said I was the unwilling and unappreciate costunmer, that is why they treat me that way. All I did earlier was call and send them e-mail serveal time for checking in my order. I was politly and nicely. Now, they have turn to me said, "I was the one who was unappreciate". What is that? Like I said DTM and JleviSW, they handled the business good and take their mistakes. That is all I want.