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Differences in speed is what is dangerous. On a 65mph highway, one guy doing 90 while everyone else is doing 65 is a problem. On a theoretical road with a speed limit of 100mph, all of those Toyota Tercels that can only go a max of 65mph -- that also is a problem.

I have to admit that I, too, was amazed at some of the responses in this thread. A cop trailed and paced the OP, who was speeding, then pulled him over to cite him for it. Amazing, and incredibly immature, to be so self-absorbed to think this is "bullshit" or that the cop was a "hater." Or maybe those are just posts from our younger members.

OTOH, the OP absolutely should get a lawyer and get the ticket reduced. When the system allows first-time offenders to get tickets reduced relatively easily (as long as they are represented by a lawyer), you are crazy not to take advantage of this. If the OP has prior violations, this will be harder to do, though.
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