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Originally Posted by Boco335iXdriveSE View Post
I took my car to my BMW dealer on Saturday, as l wanted to leave my car there and pick it up on Monday, which my sales rep said is fine. This is because in am on a training for a month and not able to take any time off.
When I got there, my sales rep took me to the service supervisor (I think he is the supervisor or manager), he told me that if the reason why the service engine light's on is due to the fuel cap being not tightened enough after filling up the gas, then it'd not be under warranty and that it'd caused me a hundred and something dollar for them reset the code. I of course freaked out at this!!! As I have checked and am very sure that I have tightened the fuel cap. They said after the engine light has lit up, it will not go away even if i tighten the cap after. I am quite sure that i have e tightened the cap. Anyway, it did not take them long to check and came back to me saying that it was indeed the fuel cap was not tightened. Though they did not charge me for it at the end, but I am not sure if they are indeed telling me the truth of what the real problem was. At this point I feel much released as I have convinced myself it was the fuel cap, but how I did not tighten it enough, I have no idea.
I find it quite stupid because if the warning light is caused by the loosen fuel cap, then how stupid the system is if it can't clear the warning light when the cap is lightened up after? I asked the service supervisor why it took the system 3 days to detect a loosen fuel cap and trigger the yellow engine light, and not immediately? He said it'd sometime take 2 to 3 days to trigger the light. Really????
Although i am not familiar with the system used in the car, but I feel he was full of crap. This just what I feel......
BTW they tried that fuel thing with me...just laughed at them and told them to diagnose properly.

My engine light came on as well.... so far it has been at the dealer for 3 weeks, changed the VVT motor, didn't fix the problem, ordered a new DME from Germany, the unit arrived but I probably won't get the car back until next week...very frustrating, purchased the car in Nov. 2011.