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A Christmas Miracle!!!

You guys won't believe this but I'll tell it to you anyway.

I just got home 15 minutes ago from the gym. I always work out on Sunday afternoon, but today as I was leaving, a woman approached me, nearly in tears begging me for some infant milk. She didn't want money...just me to buy her the milk. But here's the deal...I don't ever carry ANY money with me when I head out to the gym. I don't even carry a wallet. It just so happened that today I actually had three one-dollar bills, but baby formula is like $8-9.00. So I wasn't lying when I told here I didn't have any money with me (though I'm driving this brand new BMW).

But I was going to help, even if it meant running all the way home to get some money, then back out again. So I go to a gas station down the street. They had it, but it cost $9.00, and they didn't accept credit cards (I happened to have credit cards with me today).

So my bank was a little further down the street, so I figured I'd just go to the ATM. But my bank just changed and got bought out by another bank, so my PIN was reset, and I never wrote it down or remembered it because I hardly ever use the ATM, so again I was basically locked out. That was it...I had to go home; there was no way around it.

But another convenient store was right around the block, so I though maybe, just maybe they'd have the baby formula for under $3.00. Nope, $6.00, and they didn't accept credit cards.

On my way out, I saw they too had an ATM, so I thought maybe I could just take $20.00 out with my discover card...but as I approach it, I look down at the cash tray and I honestly couldn't believe what I saw...for a minute there, I thought it was a picture of money directing users to the location of where the money comes out, but it wasn't! It was a real $20.00 bill!!!!!

The store was empty aside from me, so no one else was around so I took it...finder's keeper's, right? I bought the infant milk and brought it back to where I told the lady I'd meet her near the gym.