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Originally Posted by FifthStreetz View Post
Paced means they were basically following you, if you try to go to court you will lose. Ive been to traffic court numerous times (three times in the past 2 years) and the judge is always biased, he will take the cops word over yours, if your lucky he might lower your fine a little bit if you are a first offender. Id just pay the fine, save yourself the hassle and try to drive slower next time.
I think you're wrong. When I was 22 I got stopped and was charged with the following:

- Speeding / Reckless Driving (20mph over posted limit)
- DUI (I wasn't drunk, had 2 beers)
- Possession of Marijuana
- Driving on an Expired Rejection Sticker (State Safety Inspection)
- Driving on a Suspended License
- Driving without an Operators License
- Failure to Appear (missed on of the court dates associated with these)

When all was said and done...ALL charges were dropped except the Reckless Driving, which was reduced to speeding. The officer and the prosecutor were made to look like fools. I engineered my own defense using a court-appointed attorney, a friend, and the 5th amendment.