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Originally Posted by Norcal_335i View Post
I know its a pain in the ass to take eveything off to get to it again.
Mine is actually easy, I have no intake box or diverter valve hoses...I have DCI and a CPE BOV kit so it is right there. My car is hitting 15 PSI so I do not think My MAF sensor is messed up but I am going to clean it anyway though. Next on the list is the intake valve cleaning LOL!! I think I have a slight exaust leak (Running JB4 map 2 and has a bit of gas/exaust smell) but I am installing AR Dps in 2 weeks or so so I will see! I know when running map 2 you should hae a FMIC and DPS I am getting a ER FMIC & AR DPS, map 2 is so much better than map 5 LOL!!