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Radio ant, wince Nav set up and A/C issues

NooB here... I've been reading tons of forums and can't get these items answered.

So, I've spent about 6 hours in the garage this afternoon and still not working right. Please help if possible thanx!
1. When uninstalled the Prof HU I unhooked the harness and another cord that was not labeled. Was that the antenna wire? If so, where does it hook up on the D99. Or do you just use the antenna provided with the 20ft long wire?!?

2. I couldn't get to any menus Jeff referred to regarding the NAV. It was just looking for satellites. I did the wizard hook up. Thoughts?

3. Lastly, and perhaps most troublesome, I got everything reinstalled and the air blower was acting crazy. Almost seemed like it was sucking air in the front.... Blowing hot air in the rear. Too strange! Any ideas?!?

Thanks bunches!