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Originally Posted by fishbone0701 View Post
I might be wrong but I believe the reason that this has not brought this up is that it is not compatible with the N55 cars. I've talked to Active myself and they said the only way you can flash our N55 cars is by sending in the ECU.
When did you talked with them? This hand held device seem fairly new. I agree we dont have all the answer on their site.

I cant figure why it is so long to gives us hand held solution, this waiting is killing me. This isn't rocket science... The golf R is out, it seem a factory freak, I should have bough an R. II heard people are doing 12s 1/4 milles with reflash and upgraded fuel pump, it wont be funny soon when VW boys come on the street with reflashed R when our 135i have no aftermarket support. ffffckkk I will buy bigger sunglasses for the days comming ahead...

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