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JBass - what about BMW CCA, do they still run up there? I generally agree with your assessment of NASA, but I think its actually pretty good for beginners given they are really stepping up the safety piece this year wrt the yellow flag dismissals and just generally emphasizing it more. I always thought of it as pretty good for HPDE1, awful for 2 and then pretty good for 3+. The problem with 2 is that you're on track with the 1's and there are like 40+ cars on a very small track. IIRC, no cars lost so far this year in HPDE 1/2...
Yeah. My experience with NASA is from quite a few years ago.

BMW CCA is great for beginning to intermediate drivers but club politics and economics have almost completely curtailed their HPDE events. I would always recommend them as at least half of your first 10 track days for the instruction and control they emphasize.

Try the Porsche club. They are great and less money but great instruction. I love the Porsche Club.