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Originally Posted by SGxi View Post
My mirror doesn't come with a compass, which is $50 cheaper. I never really know if the autodim works or not since I never notice the difference at night. It should theoretically work as well.
Hey Kelvin, I can help you with that. I found a way to test the autodimm by mistake. One day, sitting in my home car garage (with garage door opened) around 5 pm (before daylight saving time), the sky is still bright. Sitting in the car, I turned on the interior light (the one right above the rear view mirror), so that I can write a check in my car. Once I finish writing the check, I looked up at the mirror and notice the view is so dark (I am thinking to myself-"hey, a storm is coming, oh well"). As I pressed the interior light again to turn off the light, the rear view mirror starts to brighten up and that is when I realized what was happening. The interior lights causes the sensor to dim the mirrors (interior rear view as well as both exterior mirrors). So give that a test and let us know. GL.
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