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Actually BMW CCA is pretty good even if you're an advanced driver. The relatively new A+ program concentrates on the last tenth of speed and is a great bridge to club racing or time trials. Lots of exercises to wring every ounce of speed, including alternate lines, late braking, threshold braking, trail braking, passing in turns, data acquisition, data analysis are all topics you'll cover and it's typically taught by instructors who's had extensive racing background. Some safety rules are still in effect to satisfy the national minimum standards, like having point bys no matter where you pass, but the curriculum is intensive and the drivers are all extremely fast but courteous.

The only issue is they'll only allow students who's been through the BMW CCA program, so if you need some of the advanced skills taught and would like to take the CCA A+ program, you'll have to take at least 2-3 regular CCA schools first.
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