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mine has been ticking for 7K miles

its loud

sounds like a diesel

it bothers the crap out of me

has the car skipped a beat?

not at all...

i have a few an idea tho for possibly fixing this in house and for pennies on the dollar

someone can tell me if i'm retarded and it won't work

The basic issue is a lack of oil supply in the head right?

I used to be a Honda junky a few years ago and i built an engine that needed an extra oil supply going to the head for vtec to be engaged

Vtec won't engage unless it has a certain amount of oil pressure mesaured by the solonoid


you would take the 1.8L longer stroke non vtec block and mate it with a vtec head and wala cheap horsepower

the 1.8L non vtec block didn't have the oil galleries the vtec blocks had,

so you had to use this

this ran off the oil pressure switch port and just Tee'd off then
you ran a stainless line to the head dumping oil up there

it worked great

thing is, where can i do this?

should i tap it somewhere?

is this even really an option to just dump more oil into the valve cover/Head

my brain was just pondering over it one day