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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
Sky and Damon Hill are wrong. The pressure is still on Ferrari despite the win.
They know the car is not up there, they've won because of the weather and Alonso. The car still piece of shit!!!

If it wasn't Alonso, Ferrari would be even more miserable for the past two years.
Well said. The fact that Alonso should have lost to a Sauber shows what a worthless piece of junk that Ferrari is.

Brilliant drives from Alonso and Perez. Perez in particular was superb, he controlled his pace so beautifully and was set up for a phenomenal victory. The cynic in me wonders if Peter Sauber got a call from Montezemolo in Maranello . Anyone notice the Ferrari team congratulating Perez? I don't think it's a secret that he'll be in Massa's seat in the near future.

I feel bad for Hamilton, he got 3rd place for a second time running, and this time it was really no fault of his own. His pace wasn't great, but he had two horrible pit stops (one thanks to Massa, the other due to his mechanics failing to remove duct tape).

As for Button and Vettel, I feel like they only have themselves to blame. Karthikeyan is often responsible, but in these two incidents, you'd have to place the majority of the blame on the former two drivers. Button went for a half-move that just wasn't there, and Vettel should have been a little bit more careful (after all, they know how erratic these HRTs can be).

Finally, what's going on with Mercedes?? Very quick in qualifying, but they are literally nowhere when it comes to race pace. Really quite bizarre.