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I test drove a RWD e90 335i with sport suspension today. After a very short easy test drive I really really liked how the i felt compared to the xi. My xi doesn't have the sport suspension which obviously makes a difference. Like someone said before, the i takes the cake stock for stock any day.

I liked the car I drove so much that I put a deposit down on it and will probably pick it up mid-week. I look forward to putting coilovers on the xi this summer to see how it does with a better suspension... But I really like the i more than I had ever anticipated. The initial impression ... without being able to compare apples to apples yet given close-to-max power on sorry suspension in the xi vs stock power on sport suspension in the i... is get an i unless the weather really is that bad. When I lived in SLC I loved mobbing through mountains and snow in an xi and doing better than lots of the lifted bro trucks... but here in Phoenix I suspect that I'll grow quite fond of the i...