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Vettel and Button messed up their races and think balming the HRT is a safe bet. It is, but that doesn't change the fact that they're doing it out of spite.

Romain Grosjean is not even techincally a rookie, yet, he drives worse than the worst of them. Out of the 2 first races through his own faults; both times from a high position. Except that this time, he took out Schumi after his best qualifying with M-B yet. I wonder if Schumi had a word with him after he blamed him for the collision.

M-B were actually screwed by how much they were heating up the intermediates... compared for instance with the Saubers. And while Schumacher was the class act in Canada last year in the semi-wet conditions, on a big circuit with long straights and high hear like Malaysia, the Mercedes had no real pace. Still, he brought it back to a point finishing position (reminded me of the good old days, when you could almost kind on a certain number of retirements ahead of you for some sweet points), but it was a shame to not see what he could've done had he not lost 10 places or whatever it was. I estimate 6th at least (Senna was quick, btw). Also, where was Nico R today? seemed to be heading backwards on purpose almost.
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