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Originally Posted by Petercat
Around here people use baby formula to cut their cocaine when they cook up crack.
WHY, YOU...!!!

Ha ha ha! Don't tell me that! For a second there I thought you were serious...I was sweating bullets! That neighborhood isn't exactly the greatest. There was a drive-by murder on that same block a month ago in broad daylight so nothing would surprise me.

Oh, and yeah, I'm not going to keep the remaining $14.00. Being it's the holidays, it's a great time to give it to the Salvation Army.

Originally Posted by CnoteMD
I am almost positive that this is a common scam that homeless people use to get money. Almost every other day, I get homeless people asking for me to buy them a can of milk. They never tell you how much this milk costs up front. They will wait until you get into the corner store and you then find out it costs around $10 or so.

You figure, they can spend the next couple of hours accumulating pennies and nickles, or get that one person willing to buy a $10 can of milk. After you leave, they just return it for the money.

Who knows, maybe this person really did use the milk. But, I hardly ever come across anyone looking for anything other than a few dollars to feed thier habit.
You know, this is probably the most logical scenerio, and on the way home, this idea did cross my mind. You have to admit, it is pretty original...and the part where she needs to feed her baby is especially touching--that's what got me and that's why I did it. But in all probability, she returned it to the store.

I'm a very cynical person by nature, and I'm always wary about peoples' motives, but it kind of threw me off that she didn't ask for money. But you're right. Next time, I'll definitely say no, now that I know this is a common scam.

But, I still am a pretty naive person, and I want to believe it went to a baby. And the way I just found $20 laying around kind of made me feel like good things happen when you do good things for people.