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Hey Guys, see link below for pics.

There are absolutely no mechanical problems, car is regularly services and oil changed on schedule. No recalls or anything like that. I don't have a CarFax but can say for sure the only history out of the normal it may show is that about 2 years ago someone backed into the car while it was parked in a lot (I was not in the car when it happened). I brought it to my dealership who used their on-site bodyshop to repair it. There was absolutely no damage to the engine, it was only cosmetic related to the front bumper/hood.

Car is fully loaded, including comfort access, except for active cruise.

See the link below for pics. As you can see, these is a small crack I noticed on the passenger side panel near where the fender meets the hood. Not sure how it happened but in full disclosure wanted to be up front about everything. There are also rock chips on the front bumper lip and a scratch near the fog light. All in all, the car really is in great shape but wanted to be as accurate as possible in the description.