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Originally Posted by Carl Morris View Post
I see lots of talk, such as this thread:

...but I'm still not seeing much agreement or hard info. I can believe the guy that said the XI sport is stiffer but not lower. Can you define "upgrades" for me? I'm pretty confident at least something is different between the XI sport and the XI non-sport, but I'm curious what you're saying the i has that the xi doesn't besides maybe ride height.
Look up parts fiche on for 335i sedan, coupe, and 335xi. Compare part numbers and notice there is no sport package shock elements for the Xi. There is just an Xi suspension, it is not the same as 335i sedan non-sport.

Basically there are 3 suspensions on a e90/e92 335:

335i sedan non-sport
335i sedan sport
335i coupe (same as 335 sport)
335xi (coupe and sedan)

All sport packages include sport seats and some trim. Only on the 335i sedan does the package also include the lower suspension and stiffer struts/shocks of the coupe. All non xi 335i coupes have the same suspension. You could get larger diameter wheels/tires separately. You could special order a non sport susp on a coupe.

This is true for sure up through MY 2009. BMW makes it very hard to figure this out, but it is clear looking at parts fiches on

the xi suspension is higher in ride height than either non-xi sport or non sport, and has different tuning parameters. Xi front struts do not fit non-xi, but all rear shocks are interchangeable as well as all springs. That does not mean they are the same.

edit: bottom line is there is only one xi suspension, there is no sport version of it. That is not to say it is the same as a non-sport 335i susp, or that it is not "sportier", it is just different.

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