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For those of you that have a rattle that seems to emanate from the steering column over sharp bumps in road, please verify that the noise is NOT from the gauge cluster mounting clips in the dash. To check, apply pressure to the dash directly in front of the gauge cluster while going over a bump that normally creates the rattle. If the noise disappears, this is how you may be able to fix it!

Warning: I strongly recommend removal of the steering wheel to allow you to properly fix this problem and prevent damage to the delicate gauge cluster.

1. Remove the steering wheel by following the appropriate instructions in the DIY section of the forum.
2. Carefully remove the 2 torx bit screws on the top of the gauge cluster.
3. I recommend putting a microfiber cloth on the dash and steering wheel in front of the gauge cluster to prevent scratching it. After the screws are removed, rotate the cluster toward the floor.
4. Remove the electrical attachment on the back of the cluster.
5. As shown in the attached pictures, apply two small pieces of some adhesive backed felt or velcro to act as a buffer between the two surfaces. Be careful to not apply something too thick or it will interfere with the fit of the gauge cluster when mounted back into the dash.
6. Reassemble and enjoy!

I assume that over time, the cluster settles onto the metal clips and then starts to rattle. This creates a nice buffer.
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