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Originally Posted by FreakinA View Post
Whatever jerk in this thread said, "60 bucks, thats just a tank of gas" F you man. That kind of rationalization just made me buy on of these! Ill post pics when I get it, it will surely be the first Platinum Bronze one cruising around I have seen
^sorry FreakinA but that was me. Hahaha. It made me buy a BSM one also. It came to my work last Thursday but I have been out due to some health problems and just went back to work today and it was sitting on my desk. Wahoo!

I too had super fast shipping, it was packaged very professionally and the BSM paint looks spot on. I havent had a chance to take any pictures or install it on the vehicle. I have a broken leg, so getting around isn't too easy for me. I hope in the next week or two to find the energy to get it home and install it on my car.

I would highly recommend getting this spoiler for how cheap it is and the quality that you're getting. BSM paint looks perfect. Will be sure to let anyone know after I look at it in different lights and such, but I am very satisfied. And I am a perfectionist.