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Originally Posted by neilvosko View Post
has anyone done this or thought of this:

since i replaced the OEM POS oil cooler with ER dual setup, i am thinking about using it as an auxillary radiator since MR 5 posted all the lines you can buy for like a 100 bux.

just not sure where to put it with a ER dual setup?

not much room in the engine bay
The MT (1M) cars run cooler and the extra radiator is definitely a huge help. They also have much more efficient ducting.

HP Autowerks - 335 MT - ran the stock oil cooler with their own huge, aluminum radiator very successfully in Time Attack. They also ran meth I believe. This tells us how important the radiator(s) is fro keeping our cars cool.

Cooling the ITs is vital, then the coolant (distilled water and MOCOOL), then the oil. This is from a brief conversation with Vishnu and evidence from many track days.