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Originally Posted by nailer335
+1 on moving things forward... confuses me that literally no one but a small handful see an AWD n54 as something too amazing not to spoil with mod after mod

Had a quick thought that if enough people were to legitimately participate in sharing with the community their tentative modification plans, that we could find enough people to try out a few group buys, possibly leading to more excitement, more interest, more research, larger sample size of people trying out all of the aftermarket options, etc etc etc.

Things don't always catch as I hope... But its worth a shot
I like the ride and handling of my stock '08 335xi. It is a great compromise between ride and handling. I have owned and modded many cars, including race cars, and have come to appreciate a good compromise. For me, a street car will never be a track car and a track car will never be a street car. I like my good ride, reasonable performance and quiet interior.
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