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Originally Posted by fmusignac View Post
.... After a short drive I added electrical tape to the connection of the hardwiring kit and the fuse tap. Now it will not turn off when I shut off the car completely. The HomeLink will only work with the car on but the radar stays on. ....
I do have a 10 amp fuse for the radar and the 5 that was there previously. They were out of stock of the 1 amp fuses Ive seen recommended in different posts here. THANKS!
Congrats on the wiring.
RE the Radar Detector always on: sounds like you tapped into one of the fuse block circuits that doesn't ever shut off. Do you have the fuse block map/layout card to tell us what circuit you connected? (Don't just give us the circuit number, as BMW didn't use set numbers, they changed from year to year, from car to car - if you have the name of the circuit, or even the little icon, we can check it, and hopefully recommend a circuit number for a switched-power circuit like the cigarette lighter (see attached image for icon).

RE: The fuse amp size isn't all that important as these units use so little power. You really want a fuse, but mostly in case the power wire is accidentally shorted to ground so the fuse would blow to protect all the other stuff. And if the power wire is grounded, it will use more than your 10 amp, thereby melting the fuse.
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