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Yes, I was told before by an audio installer in my area that the main problem is that my radio is not MOST. When I asked about simply replacing my radio with MOST radio, every single installer told me that they have no experience with this process whatsoever. So, here's another problem: no one seems to know how to do it. I told them that I know it is going to be expensive and that I don't mind paying. Bun nobody dared to do it regardless. Does anyone know any installer in California with this kind of expertise?
It is not only replacing the radio, you need a custom OEM harness for the Combox.
Thanks a lot. I'll check them out.
Visited them (Alexshop) a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't impressed. Same kind of place as anywhere else. Same treatment as anywhere else. Explained them what I wanted to do. They took my VIN and promised to get back to me. Never heard from them afterwards.

So, it is basically back to what I said before. Installing BT into a base car is theoretically "possible", of course, as it is theoretically possible to rebuild 335i into a Boeing 747. But it is a moot point: there's simply no people out there who can do it, and apparently there's no commercial feasibility in the procedure.