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The price for a dyno run being what it is, I think you'll find very few willing to pony up the bucks for it. Personally, I'd rather put that money towards a 3 stage intake manifold. Now if someone where to sponsor me and I could get my stock file from AA, that would be a different story. I'd put in the time to get some solid numbers then.

I ran the stage 1 tune for a few weeks and have 50 miles on the stage 2. Like I said before, there's a definite increase above 4,000 rpm. Once again, I can confirm that you need to put some miles on the car before judging the tune. My low end torque has filled in nicely now and I do prefer the stage 2 over the stage 1.

Unfortunately I don't have anything objective. Everything is based on my driving experiences. Throttle hesitation is almost non-existent now. I'd say it's been reduced by about 90%. The engine is more responsive. I have an auto and don't feel the need to constantly keep it in sport mode. The auto shifting still lags too much, but I'm guessing there's only so much that can be done with the tranny. Overall drivability is much improved. I find myself smiling when the car squirts out of a corner as there's enough responsiveness now to make driving more entertaining.

I was merging on to a multi-lane road from a stop in first gear today and had stability control come into play when I lost traction in the rear. That's a first for me and I really wasn't expecting it. The only other time that's happened is on wet pavement.