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I think you'll be quite happy with RWD in Phoenix, especially if you don't drag race. But yet again, you're comparing i with sport to xi without. Everybody knows that anything with the sport package will feel much different from anything without. I'm just not sure why the whole world seems to associate xi with no sport package. Is xi with sport that rare?
First day with the e90 RWD. Feels different for sure. Feels lower when sitting in the car and more stable. I do drag race which is why I love my xi though... I am planning to have lots of fun with these cars haha. I already like the i better as a total package. My mods on the xi will almost invariably keep it ahead in a drag race... but the i will definitely be more stable and fun when not in a straight line unless I do a major suspension overhaul in the xi... which isn't exactly in the plans at this point... we'll see
All the best drag racing times are by i's
Xi launches like crazy and will get better 60' (unless the i has dr's)
But the extra weight hurts and slighty less power make it loose.
But unless the rwd car has good tires, and knows how to launch properly, I agree the xi will be ahead in a straight line(acceleration, highway pulls are a different story)