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Originally Posted by Doyle View Post
I never said ASTs were bad. They are absolutely better than most coilovers on the market (H&R, Bilstein, K&W). However, I feel like for 90% of the drivers on this board, and 100% of the drivers asking this question, that TC Kline will be a better choice.


1) Due to the inherint design qualities, twin tube shocks/struts will ride better with street-friendly spring rates. Monotube shocks do better with higher spring rates. For the record, on our vehicles 400/800 isn't that high of a spring rate. This is based on my personal experience, the experience of techs that I have spoken with, and the experience of just about every race team that uses $$ suspensions (Moton, JZ, AST 5xxx, Ohlins, etc). I have not had a chance to check out the new 4150s, but they may ride a little better. ASTs ride well, but I feel like my TC Klines handle fast compression a little better.

2) By your own admission, "when you get into the $1500 - $2500 range for coils and find good reviews, the average driver wont notice a significant difference". If that is the case, then why buy the $2300 AST 4100 (per HPA) over the $1900 TC Kline SA w/ external adjusters (per HPA)? All else being equal, I'll choose the less expensive route any day!
I didn't say to get ASTs in my post, I was just trying to convey that it's hard to get suspension setup opinions because most people haven't driven on multiple coil setups for the same car.

I just know how I felt after buying a decently priced mod and always had buyers remorse. Best thing to do is just pull the trigger after some research and fine tune things with other suspension parts.

Also, when I ordered my asts late 2010, they were $1999 before the price jumps of 2011.