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I must say that I just don't think that the brightness of the LCI headlights can be achieved. Personally I know I'd be disappointed if I was to upgrade my GP Thunder to any LED halo bulbs as they are only marginally brighter it seems, maybe less so for the outer ring though, it looks pretty dim.

I'm considering changing back to OE honestly, the yellow bulb seems to make the car look a fair bit more aggressive.

On another note, I saw both pre-LCI (OE bulbs) and post-LCI behind one another from a distance and the DRL halo's on the pre-LCI were noticeable from further away, I guess the human eye is drawn to the yellow colour more easily, especially obvious in bright sunlight.

Not to rubbish these bulbs, by far the best I've seen but LCI FTW as the American's would say of you want that bright white light.