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N54 engine problem helpp!!!

ok so something serious is going on very weird with my engine mods and specs are as follows 07 335i coupe jb3 raceland catless dps with dp fix afe dci magnaflow catback and thats it for now heres whats going on i was driving on highway is 6th gear downshift to 5th cuz cop .....then punched 5th pretty hard and felt a vibration back on the gas petal so went into 6th and same thing service engine soon light came on and gas petal vibrated while driving along with whole engine it seemed like and my shift knob was shaking like crazy problem shifting but extreme loss of power also ....the light went off after a day or so and was and has been coming back and forth randomly when in 5th and 6th .....i had 3 fuel pumps go on me and know what that feels like and i know its not that no smoke from turbos ....any ideas help please and thank you