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Originally Posted by Alex@Alpine
$60 Unlimited Options INCLUDING DVD IN MOTION!!!!
Unlock Options,Code Out Errors & More!
Very low pricing, PM or
For locals(Los Angeles Area)

• Seatbelt chime disable for driver, passenger, or both seats.
• Disable iDrive disclaimer
• Mirrors in and out with key fob (MUST HAVE FOLDING MIRRORS INSTALLED)
• LCI Retro Fit Coding
• Unlock doors when engine is turned off
• Window safety feature (When window is rolling up, you can open the door without it stopping)
• Brake Force Lights with regular brake lights
• Instant MPG in cluster
• Efficient Dynamics (6MT ONLY) (shows when you should shift to get best fuel economy)
• Disable door gong with key in slot
• Alarm settings in iDrive (MUST HAVE ALARM hardware installed)
• Alarm beep when locking/unlocking
• Alarm retrofit
• Alarm beep loudness adjust
• Turn off DRLs
• Add fuel stop suggestion option (CIC Nav only [09+])
• Enable DVD in motion (CIC Nav ONLY [09+])
• Delete Amber front headlights
• Turn on headlights with angel eyes when unlocking car
*Some options may not work on certain years and models.
*It is assumed any option activated is used for off road use only.

What all can you do on a 335 that was manufactured in 2006?