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Originally Posted by ronny214 View Post
Got a chance to talk to the guys at Cobb during their grand reopening. They never said a specific date. I got lines like, "Everyday we are getting closer. I can say that everything we've tried to do so far, we have been successful at.", "The N55 is at the top of our list.", "We are aiming for early to mid spring. Worst case is going to be summer/early fall."

At one point I mentioned that I heard a beginning of April release date. There was an awkward silence for a moment before one of the guys said, "We are getting closer every day." *shrug*
I really think they are working hard on the N55.

Cobb never Hype about release date, they are independent in the market and they are respected in the industry. They are low profile and they stay away from pissing contest we often see on forum between company.

However I would like minimal feedback from them, few pics with a N55 on the dyno, few words. i dont ask for a specific date or secret technical info.

I still think mid spring, early summer is possible.