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BMW Magazine- your thoughts...

I recently received the BMW Magazine in the mail (It's been quite a while) and whilst reading it I had some observations. In no particluar order:

- As always and as expected it has a real propaganda, blow my own trumpet kind of feel to it. (as, I suppose, it should be)

- Not enough info on the new M3. If it's so important, then why give it only 1 page and 1 photo?

- Some reasonable tech sections. I have to keep reminding myself that this this is written predominantly for "lay people" who don't really understand (or care about!) how their car works. The adaptive drive bit for example and the high precision injection bits (since we don't have ultralow sulphur petrol in OZ, does that mean our engines are detuned and therefore develop LESS power than advertised on their spec sheets?)

- some really nice pics of the E93

- It was only a small article in the news section but it really bugged me a lot. Can anyone guess? "BMW wins Bathurst". Yeah ok, they won and I'm happy for them but no mention of the type (Except one Subi Rex) and amount of competition (not much really) and, what in my mind amounts to deceptive reporting, they imply that the car was raced as stock except for the tyres: "the standard production twin-turbo coupe" and "the victory was credited not only to its sizzling six-cylinder power plant, but also the coupe's perfect natural balance that minimised component wear". WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!! The two things they praise were the two things that were ALTERED but the alterations not mentioned. First, the car had a PROCEDE system installed (There's even a "Vishnu" sticker on the front bumper) to change the engine mapping, AND the car had an LSD installed (something all 335's should have as standard or at the very least as an option) which, we all know, is absolutely essential for any real track work. BMW- Give credit where credit is due and don't fool current or prospective 335 owners into thinking that they own a race car or an M3 proxy because it's just not- and yes I already own one! (rant over)

(Incidentally, there are guys in the US whose rear brakes are wearing down extremely fast- because of the traction control kicking in so often, and thus applying braking to the rear tyres when accelerating, to compensate for the lack of LSD.)


What do you guys think of the BMW Magazine?
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