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Originally Posted by SCS15 View Post
Recommended this place to a friend and went today with his r32, ran into some local euros with an r32 and a nice black b7 a4. Eric was a really cool guy and came right up to us, extremely friendly and felt welcomed.

The steam is really cool to see them do, with no soap and it comes out really clean. I heard the machines are super expensive and they use less than a galloon of water per car.

-2 side notes, the exterior wash is not 15 anymore its 20 now. and we weren't to impressed with the $30 in/out package. The door panels didn't really even look like they cleaned them. not to knock on them cause the exterior was flawless.
really bro? half ass interior? why does it gotta be that way? you also recommended this to a friend to and all you said was that the door panels were not cleaned. If you call door panels not being completely cleaned a half ass interior job, then i really dont know what else to tell you.

lets keep this simple since your the first dis-sastisfied customer.

1) go somewhere else
2) tell the owner.