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Originally Posted by SCS15
Originally Posted by JETBLK335i
really bro? half ass interior? why does it gotta be that way? you also recommended this to a friend to and all you said was that the door panels were not cleaned. If you call door panels not being completely cleaned a half ass interior job, then i really dont know what else to tell you.

lets keep this simple since your the first dis-sastisfied customer.

1) go somewhere else
2) tell the owner.
Haha cool yourself bro. I'm not even hating on Eric's place cause like I said, I recommended it before. I'm only making a comment on the previous posters statement that 30 for in and out was cheap.

And on the "half ass job". Sorry man but if you tell me your package is $30 and your going to wipe down and vacuum interior, then I actually expect you to wipe it down. Mine wasn't. Just telling the truth man
I understand where your coming from. But in my opinion the comment "half assed" was a pretty strong one.

To each their own on their expectations of service.