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Originally Posted by AcExSpades View Post
I'm actually thinking of doing this.

My first question is: Did you upgrade to HFS3? I read that you bought HFS2 and on the picture it shows HFS3.

It's almost been a year now. How is it holding up?
Even if you buy HFS-2, you will get an HFS-3 controller. But yes, I eventually upgraded to HFS-3 (provides gauge and failsafe) not for a failsafe but because I couldn't stand not having a visual flow information. And I even upgraded to HFS-4 last week, will install it tomorrow. I didn't have even one technical problem with the HFS-2 or HFS-3. Worked beautifully, but it does have some configuration quirks showing the fact that it was not designed from the beginning for direct injection (like the HFS-4). I never managed to set up the failsafe correctly (there are instances in which it triggers when it shouldn't - but I don't have it connected anyway) but I am sure it will work correctly with HFS-4.

Here is my HFS-3 gauge install:

Originally Posted by marconi118 View Post
Did you tapped directly in the injector wires? it is an high voltage drive from the DME
Sort of. I did not tap into wires because I don't like to permanently alter my car's electrical cables. I used connectors (pins) bought from the dealer like the ones for the JB4 pin-out.

Originally Posted by marv85 View Post
How hard is the install? (only time I went into the ECU was to install the JB4)

btw,was it a trunk mount ?
Mine was a trunk mount.

The install is very time consuming and not very easy to do. I did it myself and it took a weekend and a few days working about 2 hours a day on it. But it is the same for any meth kit. The hard parts are routing the wires from the trunk to the control box, routing the tubing underneath the car, tapping the fluid reservoir for the level sensor, routing the cables to the ECU area (see the procede USB cable DIY), routing the cables to the fast acting valve (see the Rixster gauge tubing DIY).