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Originally Posted by FLOSS View Post
u can run a 19x9.5 +33 (and then fine tune with a
mini spacer to clear suspension) and have a 245/35.

That's NOT ridiculous offsets and fitment...
It's called, running aggressive wheels & good fitment!!!

How and where are u rubbing from??

I just put a set of CCW Classics on my
buddy's E92 335 with 285 RS3 and no
rub...wheels were 18x10 ET = PERFECT
rubbing in the rear right now on little freeway bumps - no fender work yet tho... I would love to run 285 RS3 you kiddin! 18x10 with 285 RS3 no rub? no fenders installed or what lol - next one up is 19x10.5 +25 for my wheels.. if I throw the rear in the front id be at 19x9.5 +22 and 19x10.5 +25 rear - I would not be able to fit 235/35 and 265/35 RS3 rear with those wheels :/

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
yeeeeee boiiiiii!!! bout muhfuck'n time!! i thought u were all talk.

ah man I dont appreciate that comment - after all I've modded you thought I was all talk ?!