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Parrot Mki9200 Wiring HELP - Autoleads SOT-976

Got myself a 2006 e90 330d Saloon. Doesnt have iDrive or any amps (i dont think), just the standard professional radio.

Got everything out at the weekend trying to fit the parrot. Wiring in itself is striaghtforward enough but the problems are coming with the addition of the SOT-976 cable from autoleads but im a little lost on some of it, and as a result not getting power to the parrot (im assuming thats why its not powering up).

There is a red and orange wire on the adaptor which clearly means battery and ignition i would have thought? Where does everything wire these into. Does this need to be tapped into somewhere in the BMW wiring? I was hoping not to have to butcher it onto the standard loom if possible?

Also there is a pink cable, which i can join together, whats that for?

Appreciate anyone's help or wiring diagrams for the SOT cable as i cant seem to find anything online